1.  Shoulder rolls-

                                   Roll the shoulders as far as you can

                                                Eight(8) to ten(10) times forward.

                                                Eight(8) to ten(10) times backwards.

                                                Repeat three(3) times in each direction. 

                                                Crepitus is normal.  

(Crepitus is a medical term to describe the grating, crackling or popping wounds and sensations experienced under the skin and joints or a crackling sensation due to the presence of air in the subcutaneous tissue.)  

2.  Yes & No-  

                                  Flex and extend cervical spine three(3) times in each direction.

                                                Hold each repetition for eight(8) to ten(10) deep breathes or

                                                Twenty(20) seconds, which ever way is easier to count.

                                  Follow it by rotating the cervical spine to the right and left also three(3) times in each direction. 

                                                Again hold stretches for eight(8) to ten(10) deep breathes or

                                                       Twenty(20) seconds. 

                                  Perform movements only to the point of comfort.    

These are simple mechanical movements for a repairing neck.  DO NOT laterally flex, (side bend), roll, or look up or down at an angle as these are more complex movements which places too much loading on repairing joints.  All these movements can be added later as the joints become more stable.

3.  Neck Glide (aka The Turtle)-  

                                  Act as if the chin is sitting on a table

                                                   Glide your head straight forward and then back to the neutral position.  

                                                   Keep chin parallel to the floor.

                                                   DO NOT look down or up while performing the stretch.  

                                  To perform the opposite motion imagine giving yourself a double chin.

                                                   Use your hand to gently push your head and neck backwards.   

                                                   Perform stretch three(3) times in each direction.  

                                  Hold each repetition for eight(8) to ten(10) deep breaths or

                                                   Twenty(20) seconds, which ever way is easier to count.  

                                  This gliding motion seems very effective at re-positioning a partially displaced atlas.  

I recommend doing these stretches twice(2) a day preferably in the morning during or after a morning shower. This can help undo what your sleeping positions may have done, as well as get you ready for your day.  And right before bed at night to relax the neck muscles and re-educate the cervical spine on proper movement mechanics.  It is also a great way to unwind from a long day and not carry the stress of the day to bed which may effect the way you sleep. 

As with all exercises, if there is ANY exasperation of pain, immediately discontinue the stretches/exercises until you can check with Dr. Blue.

Feel free to check out these stretches/exercises, but be advised these are intended for patients of Dr. Blue.

Neck Stretches and Joint Re-education Exercises

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